Frequently Asked Questions

All you have to do is submit your order URL in our order form and proceed. On the next page you'll be provided with the Bitcoin wallet address as well as the amount of Bitcoins to send to complete the order. You NEVER need to provide us with any personal information or passwords or other login info to receive our service.
Soon after you place an order (often within minutes, but usually within a few hours) you'll receive a short confirmation email that indicates that we've received and started setting up your order. Responding to this email is an easy way to get support for that order, but you can also message us via our contact form anytime. Please include your order number in the email so we can be sure that we're getting your info right.
Our service works by inviting high quality and active social media users to check out your page. Nobody is forced to like your page, we simply send them your way and if they enjoy your content they. This white hat growth strategy avoids many problems associated with other social media services such as spam on your page, lost likes and followers, and more.
When you receive our confirmation email you'll know your order has started. It usually takes about 24-72 hours for our service to take effect. Please contact us at anytime if you need support or have any questions.
There are many companies out there that provide social media marketing services. Most of them are less expensive than us. So why choose us? Some of these cheaper companies are flat out scams. Many of these companies provide low-quality work, and even deliver likes that leave your page soon after they're delivered. Almost all of these cheaper companies are located in 3rd world countries and don't deliver what they claim to and will refuse to provide you with any customer service. Unlike them, we deliver great work and stand by it. Our excellent reviews, testimonials, and reputation all attest to that. We provide free targeting. Unlike some marketing agencies, we don't nickel and dime you with extra targeting fees or up-sell you. Most importantly, our professional and responsive USA based customer service is here round the clock to help you out with anything that you need help with.
Generally, it takes about 24-72 hours for our service to take effect. Though it can be slower or faster than that based on many factors such as the day of the week, your content posting frequency, the type of page you have, and many other factors. The length of time an order is delivered over is also listed below each item listed on each of our sales pages for your convenient reference.
Absolutely, you can also use our service to promote a photo for a contest, for just one example, or to get more likes on your profile picture as another example. Please simply send us the URL of the item you wish to promote and we'll set that up for you. Usually you can get this URL by clicking on the item (or the date under the item) and copying and pasting what appears in your web browser address bar into our order form.
Good news, Bitcoin is a free, worldwide accepted currency. The easiest way to get started is to use an online exchange and wallet like CoinBase. Once you secure your Bitcoins, placing an order is simply a matter of inputting the destination address and choosing the amount of Bitcoins to send. It is super easy.
No, it is our normal policy that each order can only be applied to one individual URL.
Having more likes and followers means that your page has more credibility or social proof. Think about it, when you're walking through a new city looking to grab some lunch, you're more likely to stop at the restaurant that has some people happily eating rather than the restaurant that's completely empty at lunchtime because you're wondering why nobody else is eating there. This is also more opportunities to get active users to engage with your page which also boosts your EdgeRank and gets you higher in the NewsFeed and benefits you in many other ways, such as ranking higher in searches.
Yes, absolutely. For instance, we use leading digital currency Bitcoin to process payments and NEVER have any access to ANY of your personal information. The service is high quality and can only benefit your page. And it's very private and discreet: we do not reveal who our clients are without express written permission. In fact, even submitting an email address is optional when ordering!
Free targeting is included with every purchase. This means that we do our best to customize the audience to your page based on a number of factors: such as any description that you provide to us when you order (you can include that in the targeting description text field in our order form), your existing audience, and also your page category and content and keywords.
Yes! You receive a guaranteed number of likes or followers with our service. It doesn't stop until we help you exceed the total number of likes or followers that you purchase.
You know how when you go to one of those nicer hotels, you get a personal concierge in a fancy bowtie who smells faintly of sandlewood and offers to help you out with almost anything that you could possibly need? That's exactly what you get with us. Not only that, but there's extra discounts and bonuses available the more you purchase as indicated in the next question.
We don't offer free samples or any additional coupons. But if you place 3 orders of 1,000 likes/followers within a 3 month period, you will get one free package of 1,000 likes. You can use this bonus as many times as you'd like, and this applies to any package size over 1,000. For instance, buy 3 packages of 5,000 likes, and you will get a free package of 5,000 likes to any page that you want!
Yes. has real ambition. We seek bold clients who want to change the world and we love out of the box creatives, thinkers, programmers, and growth hackers who have big ideas about the future of the world and social media. We are trying to grow into the world's biggest and baddest social marketing firm and we'd love for you to contact us about joining our team if you're confident that you've got what it takes.
Certainly! Please contact us any time via our contact form and we'll quickly do our best to thoroughly help you out with anything that you need.