Quick Social Media Thoughts

You're too busy to read a lengthy blog and we're much too focused on serving our clients with high-quality Facebook likes, real Instagram followers, and targeted Twitter followers to write long articles. This blog just occasionally contains a few quick ideas, thoughts, and suggestions for you that may help you take your social media to the next level. Combining our high-level marketing services with some of these tips might be a great way to get ahead.

Keep an idea list on your desktop

The hardest part of getting started and maintaining your blogging effort is keeping momentum. An easy way to do that is to have a handy and accessible idea list right on your desktop so you can write it down quickly and not forget it when you're browsing online and see a great idea. Browsing Buzzfeed or Twitter and see a funny idea for an article? Just write it down and come back to it later.

Photo contests can be fun and engaging?

Want to have a little fun as well as boost engagement? One great way to do that is a funny photo contest. You might get people posting lots of funny pictures that they'll then ask their friends to like and share to their friends. Not only can this get you a lot of extra traffic, but it's also something that gives your fans a fun way to express some extra creativity and have fun with your brand.

Create some emotional content

Most social media content is self-promotional and quickly forgettable. But intense emotions are hard to forget and ignore. Do you have an interesting customer story with your product or service leaving a lasting impact on somebody? Maybe a particularly happy or sad story? One great emotional post is worth a dozen crappy, bland, filler posts.

Focus On Your Call To Action

Posting interesting social media content is all well and good, but then what? Invite people to take an action in a good post: ask people to write their own thoughts, share your post, check out your new online catalog, etc. If you're offering something of value, people will be interested in this even if it's self promotional content.

Don't Waste The Day

Yes, some days can be harder to motivate yourself than others, but don't let even one day go by without doing something positive on your blog or social media. It's the exact same way as an exercise program is. If you skip a workout or eat too during every meal of the day, pretty soon you're going to get stuck back on bad habbits. If you run out of things to do, force yourself to come up with 5 new ideas before you let yourself leave the office. Lock your door and throw the key out the window if necessary.

Occasionally Perform A Spring Cleaning

Not necessarily during Spring, but during a slow part of your calendar you should take a day or three and just focus on sprucing things up. Post new logos and pictures. Make sure your about page information is accurate and high-quality. Check your links and website and make sure nothing got broken. Test your site and forms and verify that everything is working as planned. Rewrite some descriptive content to sound a little funnier or friendlier. Little touches like this always help Look at old comments and remove any spam.